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Not only is traveling by train a great way to see more of your destination, it also scores points for sustainability. And Europe has some of the most scenic train routes in the world.

Discover five of the best train trips for exploring the continent – from tracks that wind around the snow-capped Alps to journeys through the Norwegian mountains along vast, blue fjords.

The Glacier Express, Switzerland

Board the Glacier Express for an unforgettable train ride through the Swiss Alps

Even though the Glacier Express moves at a snail’s pace through the Swiss Alps, it’s impossible to get bored when the scenery is hypnotizing every inch of the way. It runs from Zermatt to St. Moritz and passes through steep valleys, gorges, and tunnels, over bridges, past snow-capped peaks, and through flower-filled meadows – and why we recommend going in summer.

«Our tour with Bexper was just fantastic. We learnt so much about Vietnam history, culture and food, and of course tasted some amazing dishes along the way…” Kazzie R.
Oslo to Bergen, Norway

Discover the untamed grandeur of Norway’s nature on the trip from Oslo to Bergen

High up on Norway’s Hardangervidda plateau rests one of the world’s most impressive railways – Oslo to Bergen. It travels from the Norwegian capital through a wilderness of mountains, tumbling waterfalls, and navy blue fjords so still they appear like mirrors. Enjoy a cultural evening in Oslo’s grandiose waterfront glass and marble Opera House.

Or disembark for a few days of wild swimming in clear mountain springs and hiking through green forest-cloaked valleys. There’s also the option to stop and cross-country ski on the way, plus the chance to visit a fish market founded in the 13th century. Book yourself a stylish suite at Clarion Hotel The Hub while in Oslo.

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